BE THE RUNWAY! – CAG Goes To Brooklyn Fashion Week


Happy Tuesday Loves!!! ( I was secretly supposed to post this yesterday but I came home and fell asleep :-))

Have you had a chance to FOLLOW ME cagreinvented on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube?  Well what are you waiting for…More Snow?!   :-)

How was your weekend?  My weekend was great and I did a lot of traveling to my usual stomping grounds; Philly and New York.   I CAN NOT believe it is still snowing in March!! I’m so over this weather but glad it waited until I got back into town until it started up again.  I feel like my life is rapidly changing and I seriously have a hard time keeping up!  Prayerfully I can just take some vitamins and get it together because I have some things to fill you guys in on in the near future.

Check out the outfit I made recently what I did while I was in the Big Apple when you read the rest….

Crop It & Rock It – 5 Tips for Wearing Crop Tops At Any Size

photo 3

I think we all have some level of body image issues i.e. we wish we had more or less of some part of our bodies.  I personally wish I had less boobs/ cellulite and more booty, but have come to accept my “imperfections” and make them work.  Moreover, I have accepted my limitation in terms of clothing I should stay away from in stores.  For example, attire that doesn’t lend itself to wearing a brassier isn’t for me because I’m sure you and the rest of the work aren’t interested in seeing my grandma boobs sit on the floor.  However, there are certain fashion trends that I don’t necessarily want to give up on just because I’m not runway skinny; one of them being the Crop Top Trend.

Check out some of my TOP FIVE TIPS of rocking a crop top regardless of size when you read the rest…

Sub-Zero Winter Fashion Blogger Contest

Contest Collage

Happy Sunday Loves!!

Aforementioned in a previous post my friend’s company, Instantag, is hosting a fashion contest and the winner of the contest will receive $1000!!! Since I posted information on the contest, the rules have changed and become much easier.  Therefore, if you own a coat and a camera phone you should enter immediately.  Moreover, perhaps I should mention the contest is over today. (EECK!)  But you still have time!!

All you have to do is 1. Put on your favorite winter outfit, 2. Post the brand names of each item you are wearing on Instagram, Facebook, or some other social media platform, and 3. use the tag #FightWinterWithStyle. Check out the outfit I put together when you read the rest….

What’s For Dinner?! – Quick Vegan Meals By CAG

photo 4

Am I the only one that thinks about dinner as I eat lunch? #FatGirlTendencies  As I was chomping down on my lunch, I remembered that I forgot to share some of the Vegan meals I cooked with my mom earlier this year! (Yes I said earlier this year because it is no secret that I don’t cook!)

One weekend when I was home in Philly with my mom and she taught me how to make some of my favorite Vegan Dishes.  Even though my mom isn’t Vegan she’s a total foodie, health fanatic and excellent cook.  Also when I previously did that 9 Month Vegan stint, she learned how to make a lot of Vegan Food back then because she knew if she didn’t I wouldn’t eat.

Check out some of my favorite dishes below WITH PICS, approximate prep/cook time and links to the recipes when you read the rest…

The Update: Where I Stand With My 14 in 14 List


Hey Loves!

As many of you know I created a list of 14 things I wanted to accomplish in 2014.  I’m here to give you all a 1/8th year status of where things stand.  There have been some areas where I have really done surprisingly well and others where I have been a complete slacker.  I think what was the most surprising (but not surprising) is my weight loss.

Find out how I lost those lbs and some of my other successes and struggles when you read the rest…

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